We are giving away five pairs of tickets to The Rivals!

therivals_promolimage1-compWe have five pairs of tickets to give away to see the elegant comedy of manners, The Rivals, inspired by Sheridan’s own romantic entanglements, which fed the gossip-mongers of his day with endless scandal and tittle-tattle. In the summer streets of Bath, social climber and “pineapple of politeness” Mrs Malaprop is determined to make her niece Lydia Languish a fortuitous match. Lydia, however, fuelled by an excessive indulgence in romantic fiction, has other ideas and plans to fall in love with a penniless man. Enter the inconveniently wealthy Captain Jack Absolute who, in an attempt to fulfil Lydia’s romantic ambition and capture her heart, disguises himself as a poor soldier, with hilarious consequences. Liverpool Playhouse, Wednesday 5th – Saturday 29th October.


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