Increased awareness of the dangers of UV tanning in the North West strengthens the orange pound


North West beauty salons’ spray tan sales have increased by an average of 42 per cent over the past five years with 30 per cent noticing a rise in customers requesting the treatment. Over 88 per cent stated that this is due to the increased level of awareness by consumers of the Aura_Allure_14    dangers of UV tanning, according to a new survey.

The research also revealed that 86 per cent of companies questioned indicated that the price of a spray tan has increased over the past five years by an average of £4 and 83 per cent stated that the tanning treatments and services they offer their clients are a key area for business expansion over the next 12 months.

Dr Walayat Hussain, consultant dermatologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust says: “The desire for people to achieve a tanned complexion is not going to go away any time soon.One of the biggest concerns that skin cancer specialists have, is that men and women are putting their health at risk by exposure to UV tanning devices (sunbeds) which greatly increases the risk of developing skin cancer including life-threatening melanoma. The results of this survey however do suggest that people may finally be getting the message that UV tanning is a health risk and that a far safer option to achieving a ‘bronzed complexion’ is to get a spray tan.”

The survey was conducted online by AURA Tanning Sprayers, the personal care division of the Swiss WAGNER Group, among 1,008 business respondents including beauty salon owners; beauty salon managers; senior beauty therapists/consultants; junior beauty therapists/consultants and trainee beauty salon therapists/consultants in 2015.

Dr Valentin Langen, global branAura_Allure_11d development director at AURA, says: “During the summer months, it’s inevitable that people will be at a heightened risk of exposure to UV rays when the sun is at its strongest. A spray tan is certainly a safer option but people must remember to wear an SPF over the top to protect their skin.”

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The survey was conducted online by AURA Tanning Sprayers,