The Heritage Black Bay Watch at Preston’s


The Heritage Black Bay family is growing with the arrival of the new Heritage Black Bay Bronze model, a 43 mm divers’ watch inspired by the brand’s history and fitted with a mechanical movement developed, manufactured and assembled by TUDOR.
The characteristic elements of the new Heritage Black Bay Bronze model’s personality have been drawn from TUDOR’s history. It inherits the general lines, as well as the dial and domed crystal, from
the very first TUDOR diving watches. It features the particularly prominent winding crown from the famous 7924 reference of 1958, known as Big Crown. It borrows the characteristic angular hands, known as snowflake, from the watches delivered in large quantities to the French National Navy in the 1970s. The drilled holes on the side of the lugs and their particularly pronounced chamfering can be added to the list of notable historic design elements adopted
in this new model.

BB4AN ALUMINIUM BRONZE ALLOY CASE The characteristic element of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze is an imposing bronze case, 43 mm in diameter, which is an aesthetic reference to the use of bronze in historic ships and other diving equipment.
The choice of this metal, a high-performance aluminium bronze alloy, guarantees the development of a subtle and unique patina to match its user’s habits. In addition to a highly functional appearance
in line with the world to which it pays tribute, the Heritage Black Bay Bronze has entirely brushed finishes that guarantee a homogeneous development of the patina. A combination of chocolate-brown dial and bezel– a first for TUDOR – with golden and beige accents,completes the model’s look. The visual effect is thatof a patinated object that could have battled the
waves on its owner’s wrist for many years, and seems
to have been fashioned by him and his lifestyle.

BB2AN HISTORIC STRAP TUDOR has identified the historic uses of its watches and reinterpreted them in its latest models. For
example, the French Navy had TUDOR watches delivered
without bracelets and then fitted them with their own straps, handmade or otherwise. One of them, found on a period watch, is made of elastic recovered from a French rescue parachute. It is
from this ultra-functional relic, recognisable by its central yellow thread, that the beige and brown woven jacquard strap fitted to the Heritage Black Bay Bronze descends. In line with the characteristics of the Heritage line, it is accompanied also by an aged brown leather strap whose angled cut accentuates a rustic effect.


THE TUDOR DIVERS’ WATCH The history of the TUDOR divers’ watch dates back to1954 and the launch of reference 7922. The first in a long line of ergonomic, legible, accurate and robust divers’ watches, it perfectly embodies the approach formulated by the American architect Louis Sullivan, according to whom the form of an object must follow its function. Furthermore, it laid down the aesthetic and technical foundations of an ideal divers’ watch, those of an understated, functional and reliable tool. The sixty years that followed the launch of the original 7922 saw the constant improvement of the TUDOR divers’ watch and each model gained unanimous acclaim from professionals in the field, including some of the greatest military navies in the world. It is this relationship with these navies which evokes ideas of travel and adventure that the Heritage Black Bay Bronze celebrates.