Exclusive magazine in Cheshire

Waterfront Magazine, the excellent lifestyle magazine in Livepool, is proud to be now also be hailed as the exclusive magazine in Cheshire.

Delivering our high quality design to the homes of millionaires and the most affluent in the region, we now span our width to include Cheshire’s most valuable homes.

Covering the high society events of the region on a monthly basis, our Cheshire readers can now enjoy the same level of high editorial information presented in a superb quality design.

Our high quality lifestyle magazine covers only topics and events that both enhance and compliment the lifestyles of our readership – the affluent.

With an impressive array of high profile advertisers in our ranks, we meet our readers’ highest expectation by providing advertisements that are relevant to – and reflective of – them and their lifestyles.

Our advertisers include Coutts, Rolex, Boodles and more.

Amongst the many things that make us the perfect choice of the affluent is the fact that we cover:

  • the very best places to eat
  • the very highest status events, bashes, balls, functions and more
  • the highest profile and skilled hairdressers, cooks, designers
  • the latest news in the fashion world
  • and much more!

Aside from the thousands of homes we already reach, our exclusive magazine is delivered to the training grounds of:

  • Liverpool FC
  • Everton FC
  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City

Waterfront Magazine is now also delivered to Airport lounges at Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick, and our reach is growing rapidly as more readers are expressing great interest in our publication and joining the ranks of subscribers.
We feel this is an accurate reflexion of the hard work and time we put into designing, creating, printing and delivering the highest quality exclusive magazine in the Northwest.

In addition to this, we also publish our magazine in digital format to cater for our readers when they’re on the move as well as for those who prefer to browse our publication online.