Exclusive magazine in Liverpool

Liverpool based Waterfront Magazine is a very exclusive lifestyle magazine. The strength and popularity of our publication is in the fact that we cover a select range of very appealing topics covering every key area of lifestyle. Additionally, Waterfront Magazine reaches more millionaires in the Northwest than any other local publication, making us the most exclusive magazine in Liverpool.

Our monthly publication grows in strength as the number of households we reach increases and spans across the region.

Waterfront Magazine’s circulation is based around homes with a minimum value of three quarters of a million pounds – this is what makes us such an exclusive magazine.

Delivering to over 22,000 homes as of September 09, we bring the most important events in Liverpool to light, including celebrity bashes, charity bashes and high society events.

Our list of topics meets the demand of our readership. Aside from covering exclusive events in Liverpool we also bring high-profile businesses to the limelight – that is, businesses that offer services that appeal to and compliment our readers’ lifestyles.
Such businesses include the best Restaurants in the area as well as the best places to:

  • eat
  • drink
  • dress
  • shop
  • rest
  • visit
  • and ‘be seen’

Our circulation now includes the football grounds of Liverpool FC and Everton FC!

Being based in Liverpool offers our magazine a great advantage when it comes to local coverage. Not only do we have exclusive access to every major event in Liverpool, but our status opens every door to every high profile event and personality in the area.

These privileges include interviews with high profile chefs, designers, fashion celebrities, taylors, restauranteurs, business owners and more, which in turns allows us to deliver the very best news and tips when it comes to affluent lifestyle and high society.

This edge, along with the design and editorial quality of our publication is what makes us the most exclusive magazine in Liverpool.